* Increased departures of jet aircraft, during fairly recent times, over the local community are increasing impacts of noise in particular.
* No currently known genuine community engagement process, including a development application process and associated environmental assessment, occurred for such jet operations.
* Shellharbour Council, however, have stated that, "There are two jet aircraft currently based at Council's airport. They are operated by Gojet and are used for charter services. There are existing approvals for the operation of these aircraft" [Council email 24 April 2008].
* Council also stated that, "There is no learjet based at Illawarra Regional Airport. In regards to light jet aircraft movements at IRA, I advise that this activity is permissible. Light jets have used the facility for many years.The airport is a public facility. I note that these aircraft are not involved in providing scheduled services". [Council email 4 March 2008]. * See


SkyDive by the Beach unsucessfully proposed a Shellharbour jurisdiction landing site for their parachuting operations. Expressions of Interest in Hangers in the Industry Cluster at the airport was discussed in a Confidential session.

TouchDown Helicopters

The DA was not accompanied by and Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). Council tried suggest the DA was just for an office and yet described it as '11.2 DA 362/2007 Proposed Use of Office Space in Hanger One of Aerospace Tranining Service t/as AMC & for Helicopter Joyflights & Charter Operations & Signage at Illawarra Regional Airport (8807953)'.

CHC Helicopter Operations

Shellharbour Council have not answered whether helicopter operations have had an environmental assessment undertaken. Nor have they answered questions regarding leases. The helicopter had to be replaced due to an accident. A DA occurred for related building facilities but it is unclear whether one occured for the helicopter operations.