15 November 2006, 7:00pm Airport Meeting at Albion Park RSL Club, Corner of Tongarra and Hamilton Road, Albion Park.


30 November 2001


Development application no. 837/01 is submitted by Shellharbour Council (owner/operator of Wollongong Airport) to itself regarding the construction of aircraft taxiways and hardstand, and maintenance of the north south runway. This was amended to include site earthworks for a separate HARS proposal. It was contended that the runway should have been advertised as a runway upgrade, while the esimated cost of the development at $30,000 was queried.

21 January 2002 Conditional Consent for Shellharbour Councils own DA 837/0, which was decided on through delegated authority while the General Manager was away, provided for earthworks for a HARS proposal still to come before council to be voted on.

19 March 2002, pg. 92

Ms McKay addressed Council regarding the HARS proposal noted as DA 838/01 Three Hangers, Museum and Administration Building at Lot 111, DP 877164, Illawarra Regional Airport, Airport Road, Albion Park Rail
24 January 03 Development application no. 47/03 is received by council from TopGun Flights to conduct adventure sorties from Illawarra Regional Airport in L39C Albatross & Occupy space in terminal building.
Around 8 February 2003 TopGun Flights provides a simulated trial in which residents voice their reservations on the basis of noise and fumes

4 March 2003

Photo shows a meeting organised by the Oak Flats Progress Association to which the overwhelming majority of people present voted to oppose the development proposal to allow ex-military jet aircraft joyflights from the Illawarra Regional Airport

12 March 2003

Ms McKay undertakes a presentation at a gathering at the airport organised by the Residents Airport Action Group (RAAG)

12 April 2003

Ms McKay undertakes a presentation at RAAG meeting

12 August 2003 Ms McKay addresses Shellharbour City Council regarding Development Application 47/03, Adventure Sorties using a L39C Albatross and Use of Terminal Building

26 November 2003
Originating process


24 December 2003

Originating process served

Ms McKay initiates legal action against TopGun Flights and Council in the Land and Environment Court. Multiple departures by TopGun Flights ex-military jet aircraft near and over Ms McKays residence on the day legal documents were to be submitted provided the incentive to undertake such a drastic decision. Due to Ms McKays pregnancy causing major lethergy necessitating the need to obtain legal representation Ms McKay was eventually outfinanced and the case was never heard. The legal action consumed around $10,000 that was Ms McKays inheritance from her mother to undertake her Masters of Environmental Law.
22-26 August 04 Ms McKay submits a 38 page written submission to council which is not passed on to councillors even though it was requested
31 August 2004 Ms Mckay undertakes an address to council regarding TopGun Flights DA 47/03 amendment

Week enclosing 13 March 2005

Gathering undertaken by Ms McKay for Win tv

13 March 2005 Gathering undertaken by Ms McKay for the Illawarra Mercury newspaper. The suggestion to form a group came from a local resident and then persued by the reporter.
28 February 2005 Shellharbour City Council's announcement regarding a development to significantly strengthen its airports runway from 7.5 to 25 tonne in order to allow signficantly larger Dash 8 airraft to use the airport on a regular daily scheduled basis starting in May.
7 March 2005 Ms McKay emails an 80 report regarding three developments (including runway strengthening) at the airport to Tony Kelly, the then Sate Minister for Local Government
8 March 2005 Shellharbour City Council's extraordinary meeting approves developents to significantly upgrade its airport runway contributing a million dollars towards it. Council also approves scheduled regional airline operations.
11 March 2005 Phone conversation with Minister for Plannings office
11 March 2005 Ms McKay advises Shellharbour City Council that she has requested investigations into its developments at the airport
14 March 2005 Shellharbour City Council starts work on the runway in earnest
15 March 05 Ms McKay undertakes a presentation regarding the runway at Kiama Council

20 March 2005

Ms McKay undertakes a presentation at a meeting organised by the eventual spokesperson for the Airport Action Group. It was suggested that Ms McKay co-convene the group. Since, however, Ms McKay couldn't keep up with the demands of providing a true input as a formal member she had to eventually decline.

21 March 2005 A petition containing 28 signatures protesting against the development along with a photograph of a portion of the signatories (from the 20 March 2005 protest) is emailed to Shellharbour City Council and blind copies to State Departments for Local Government as well as Planning.
22 March 2005 State Department of Local Government inspectors meet with Shellharbour City Council regarding the development process
23 March 2005 Letter written by Shellharbour City Council's General Manager dated 23 March 2005 is transmitted to the Lake Times re: my attendance at the extraordinary meeting of 8 March 2005
24 March 2005 Letter signed by Shellharbour City Council's General Manager dated 24 March 2005 threatening action against Ms McKay re: Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901.
25 March 2005 Shellharbour City Council arranges a ranger to deliver the letter dated 24 March 2005 (threatening action against Ms McKay re: Inclosed Lands Protection Act 1901) to Ms McKay's residence
30 March 2005 Letter written by Shellharbour City Council's General Manager dated 23 March 2005 is published as a letter to the editor in the local free newspaper. I consider this letter as defamous. It has never been retracted.

9 April 2005

Ms McKay undertakes a presentation at a meeting organised by the spokesperson for the Airport Action Group

20 April 2005

Meeting with Sylvia Hale organised by Ms McKay

26 April 2005 Ms McKay undertakes a presentation regarding the runway at Wollongong City Council

22 May 2005

Meeting organised by WACEF. Due to council focusing on the word 'blockade and having blown things out of proportion with police involvement regarding the Airport Action Group another group was initiated in fear of this consuming any worthwhile debate.

17 May 2005

Ms McKay addresses Shellharbour City Council on the following developments:

  • Illawarra Regional Airport - Expressions of Interest (8341393)(item 10.3)
  • Amended Fees and Charges - Illawarra Regional Airport RPT Operation (8340388) (item 11.8)
  • Expressions of Interest Illawarra Regional Airport - Light Aviation Industry Cluster (8341910) (item 12.3)

19 June 2005

WACEF meeting

9 August 2005

Ms McKay addresses Shellharbour City Council regarding

  • Access to information under s.12 of the Local Government Act (8379152) - 11.5
    • memorandum undertaken by council of representatives in the community
  • Fees and Charges - Enclosed Parking Facility - Illawarra Regional Airport (8390971) - 11.8
  • Proposed Lease to Aero v Australia P/L - Illawarra Regional Airport (8393015) - 12.3
September 05

Ms McKay interviews the following for a Short Film Festival:

  • Mairi Peterson (Shellharbour People's Association for Conservation and the Environment)
  • Paula Turnbull (Tullumbah Action Group)
  • Peter Moran (regarding Lot 100, Oak Flats)
3 September 2005 Ms McKay's edited Short Film regarding Wollongong Airport and other developments in the Shellharbour region is shown at The Cow & the Sea Festival of Short Film and Art




18 October 2005

Prime Minister officially opens the airports $1.3 million Business Park.

Without reason on the day Ms McKay was told that if she or her babies pram impeded the Prime Ministers car she would be arrested. Even though Ms McKay complied in the morning she was advised in the afternoon that a Working Party had concerns that Ms McKay would place her babies pram in front of the Prime Ministers car.

Ms McKay was later advised that someone from council did speak to the police about her

Ms McKay advised council back in August that she initiated WACEF due to concerns regarding councils over reaction regarding the word 'blockade' used by the spokesperson of the Airport Action Group

Ongoing correspondence is still occuring regarding this.

2 November 2005

Ms McKay undertakes address to Shellharbour City Council regarding:

  • Light Aeronautics Industry Cluster (8439290) 12.4
  • Alteration to Public Participation 10.2
    • verbal addresses banned pending a report to council in February 2006

28 November 2005

Meeting with the Minister for Local Government, Kerry Hickey

13 December 2005 Due to Shellharbour Council banning public addresses until a forthcoming council report early 2006 Ms McKay was unable to address council on significant airport items on councils meeting agenda.

29 January 2006

Convenor of WACEF undertakes a presentation at the Soapbox Rally at Raddell Reserve at Lake Illawarra.

Both WACEF and the GREENS undertake media releases noting HARS airport development concerns.

7 February 2006

Two airport issues were discussed at councils ordinary meeting.

  • Illawarra Regional Airport Working Party - Nominations for Community Representation (8489636) Item 11.1
  • HARS Hanger construction - Request for Assistance (8490153) item 11.2

Ms McKay was unable to address council on her nomination since council banned public addresses. In addition to this council personnel had arbitrarily devided nominees into those that did or didn't reside within a meagre 500m of the airports boundary (less then a third of the airports runway).

19 February 2006

WACEF urgent gathering

28 February 2006

Ordinary Council Meeting discusses 2 significnat airport issues:

  • Illawarra Regional airport Working Party - Community Nominations (8501635) item 11.1 pg. 24
  • DA No. 713/2005 - Lot 111, DP 877164, Airport Road, Albion Park Rail - Illawarra Regional Airport - Construction of Museum and Two Hangers (8500661) item 11.7 pg. 145

Ms McKay was unable to talk on her nomination due to a new Shellharbour City Council rule dissallowing a person to address council on two issues in the one forum, even though two significant airport issues were listed for the 28 February 2006 council meeting. In addition to this, although Ms McKay addressed council on the HARS proposal, the amount of time previously provided for addresses was significantly decreased by council's new rules making it even more difficult to inform councillors and the public of significant issues.

Ms McKay attempts to relay concerns to the Federal Opposition leader regarding Wollongong Airport and the way Shellharbour City Council are treating community members, without success.
19 March 2006 Ms Mckay speaks at the Sandon Point 5th Anniversary and Soapbox Rally
26 March 2006 WACEF gathering
27 March 2006 Ms McKay undertakes an addresses to Shellharbour City Council regarding its Draft Management Plan and 9.5% rate rise proposal.
6 April 2006 Ms McKay's short film for the first Soapbox Rally is shown at the Short Sited Film Festival in Wollongong.
20 August 2006 WACEF meeting
11am, 20 August 2006
Albion Park RSL Club
Cnr, Tongarra and Hamilton Rd
Albion Park