• Permanant damage to South Shellharbour Beach
  • Probable damage to the coral reef
  • Destruction of Salt Marsh Wetlands
  • Concern about financial viability
  • Cost to Shellharbour residents
  • Possible effects regarding the loss of amenities and alternative projects due to cost of the Marina cited at $100 million.


    • The $100 million dollar Marina component of the 1.5 billion Shell Cove Project means the destruction of what was once state protected wetlands at South Shellharbour Beach. The compensatory wetlands have been built away from the beach area and on a main road. The works for the compensatory wetlands was awarded to Cleary Bros:

    • Tenders were not undertaken for the removal of contamination at the Boatharbour site in breach of council policy for a ‘work in kind’ project. (Shell Cove Marina). It was argued by council that it was difficult to distinguish between contamination works and eventual sportsfield works. The amount was to be reimbursed to Australand from its s.94 contribution:
    o Shellharbour Council’s General Manager’s division on a later separate occasion then returned with a further proposal to index Australand’s reimbursement: It was noted as the time that this was not part of the original agreement.
    o The work on the contamination cell went to Cleary Bros:

    • Shellharbour Council's proposed modifications to the original proposal appeared to be more of a financial decision due to difficulties funding the project. See submissions at
    o In the Shell Cove updates:
    * The progress of Shell Cove is noted to be based on the cash flow of residential lots and that any downturn in the residential housing market in NSW is a concern. It is also noted that the current downturn was not expected to change short term and strategies were suggested to progress with the boatharbour proposal that is now suggested to cost $118 million (24 July 2007 business paper item 13.1).
    * The Shell Cove Update in item 13. 1 of 24 July 2007 Shellharbour Business paper ( also provides the following information.
    - Australand executives and the Shell Cove Management Committee noted the following strategies.
    -- Australand offered to acquire town centre sites in stages. This includes retail/commercial area including apartments but not the hotel.
    -- Part payments of the cost are to be paid into a Trust Fund and on call for Boatharbour construction costs: 24 July 2007 Shell Cove Update.

    • It is unclear how beneficial the contract between Shellharbour Council and Australand really is to council knowing that the eventual suggested, but not guaranteed, profits are $118 million with Shellharbour Council only wreaking half this: 24 July 2007 Shell Cove Update.

    • A motion (29 April Ordinary Council Meeting) for greater councillor/public accessibility to the Shell Cove Management Plan was overruled by the Mayor at the time through the utilisation of a late letter from Australand. It is unknown what is really occurring behind the scenes: item 16.1 29 April 2008
    o This brought out a conflict between the competing interest of councillors need for greater accessibility to documents and Australand’s interest (as party to a contract with council).

    SEE: Council Meetings:
    • item 13. 1 of 24 July 2007: • item 16.1 of 24 July 2008