25 Feb 2003

Ordinary Council Meeting

Briefing Paper

Councillors Report - Lot 100 DP 801536 Industrial Road, Oak Flats. Recommendations

Councillors Report: Michael Smart and Sue Moran

1. That the Public be invited, through the normal channels, to present ideas for the use of Lot 100.

2. That Council defer the decision to make Lot 100 operational, until such time as Council Officers have investigated all concepts mentioned in this report, an put forward by other groups, and have reported their findings back to Council.

22 July 2003

Ordinary Council Meeting


1. That Council recieve and note the report of the independent consultants regarding future options for Lot 100 at Oak Flats.

2.a) That a Local Environmental Plan be prepared and exhibited which formally investigates the potential to reclassify to Operational part of Lot 100, DP 801536 being approxmately 5.5ha and Lot 101, DP 801536.

b) That if reclassification of Lot 100 and Lot 101 to Operational occur, Industrial Road be realigned t link directly with Pioneer Drive and the road closure process commence regarding any former road alignment f Industrial Road.

c) Tat if a reclassification takes plce, Council commence proceedings into the sale of the land for the purposes of a school over part Lot 100 and any residue of Lot 101 as a result of any re-alignment of Industrial Road.

d) That the Mayor and General Manager be authorised to execute any documents relating to the local environmental plan (reclassification) process and if a reclassification occurs, subdivision, road closure and sale.

14 Oct 2003

Council Poll - Lot 100 Industrial Road, Oak Flats

Councillor: Michael Smart


  • That a Council Poll be held at the times of the next Council election to discover the opinion of the City's electorate on Lot 100 Industrial Road, Oak Flats.
  • That the question be asked be:
    • Should Lot 100 Industrial Road, Oak Flats remain Public Open Space
22 Oct 2003 Public hearing by Twyford Consulting

2 Dec 2003

Ordinary Council Meeting

Business Paper

Attachment to Community Planning & Strategies Item no. 10.2

Draft Shellharbour Local Environmental Plan 2000 - Amendment No. 9 (Doc. No. 8062152)

  • Aim of the plan to reclassify part of Lot 100 and Lot 101, DP 801536 from community land to operational land within the meaning of the Local Government Act.

16 Dec 2003

Ordinary Council Meeting

2.1 Options for Disposal of Part Lot 100, and Lot 101, DP 801536 Industrial Road, Oak Flats (8070656)

Outcome from Confidential Committee of the Whole:

  • That Council call and advertise a tender for sale of land as a school site.
3 Feb 2004

10.4 Tender for Purchase of Lots 100 & 101 Oak Flats (8091140)

Recommendation: That Council accept the tender from the Diocese of Wollongong (Roman Catholic Church) for the purchase of Lots 100 & 101, DP 801536 Industrial Road, Oak Flats for $3,050,000 exclusive of GST.

08 June 2004

dlg letter to Mr Moran

'In the present case, there is evidence that the council has not fully complied with its obligations under the legislation. First, it appears that the council did not provide reasons for its decisions to close the meeting. Second, it appears that, while the issue of councils valuations was a legimate matter for discussion in closed session, council also discussed and voted on the questions of whether to proceed with the sale and the manner of the sale. I am not satisfied on the information available that either of these issues where matters that council should have discussed in closed session.'

'As a result, I have written to the council reminding council of its obligations under s.10A-10D of the Local Government Act and asking it to review its practices and proceedures in dealing with matters in closed session.'

30 August 2004

Memo from General Manager to Directors, Group Manager & Managers,

'The Department of Local Government does not believe that the current method by which we are resolving to take matters into confidential session is in compliance with the Local Government Act and has asked that I review Council's procedures immediately...

Therefore, it is incumbent upon each Director, Manager and Group Manager to not only be most relunctant to put anything in confidential session, but also to only put into confidential session that which is absoltely necessary. On those occasions therefore, there will need to be an additional outline of the reasons placed in agenda for Council to formally resolve that way.'


14 Dec 2004

Ordinary Council Meeting

Business Paper

DA 574/2004 - Part Lot 100, DP 801536, Cnr Industrial Road & Moore Street, Oak Flats - Proposed Catholic High School, Associated Car Park, Landscaping & Site Works (8265808)

Recommendation: That Council approve Development Application No. 574/2004 for a Catholic School, Associated Car Park, Landscaping and Site Works at Part Lot 100, DP 801536, Cnr Industrial Road and Moore St, Oak Flats, under the provisions of s.80 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, as amended, subject to the 98 conditions following the conclusion.