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Sylvia Hale, MLC

The conference will be opened by Sylvia Hale who is a GREENS Upper House representative in State parliament.

Sylvia Hale is the Greens’ spokesperson for health, infrastructure and planning, and local government. She is a longstanding community activist and campaigner for social justice and the environment. She has a strong ideological and practical commitment to radical activism and grassroots democracy.

Her involvement in the campaign to stop the expansion of Sydney Airport resulted in her election to Marrickville Council in 1995 and again in 1999. She was elected to the NSW Legislative Council in 2003.

Sylvia has held a variety of jobs, ranging from spot welder to shop assistant to teaching in the State’s public schools. But the bulk of her working life has been spent in publishing, where her main interests have been Australian politics, labour and local history, women’s studies and Australian literature.

A graduate in Arts and in Law, Sylvia was for five years a member of a NSW Legal Aid Commission Review Committee.

Arthur Rorris

Arthur Rorris is the secretary for the South Coast Labour Council.

Mark Flemming

Mark Flemming is president of the Coastwatchers Association Inc. and Regional Facilitator of the Total Environment Centre for Illawarra/South Coast.

Howard Jones

Howard Jones is a GREENS Deputy Mayor of Kiama Council.

Allan Rees

Allan Rees is president of No Aircraft Noise.

Alex Peterson

Mr Alex Peterson is a local resident who has been actively involved with the community concerns since he first was a community representative on Wollongong Council's Local Environment Study in 1993.

Saeed Khan, Marrickville Councillor

Saeed Khan was elected as a Greens’ Councillor at Marrickville council in March 2004. He has been one of the main activists campaigning against the federal government unfair laws that protect Sydney Airport from both State and local Planning Controls.

In August 2004, Saeed revitalized the campaign against the Sydney Airport expansion. Saeed has been successful in uniting neighbouring councils in a mayoral campaign against the Airport overdevelopment and forcing the State Government to challenge Federal Government planning powers.

John Kaye

John Kaye, teaches and researches Engineering at the University of NSW, where his focus has been on the electricity industry and greenhouse gas emissions. John is also an Upper House candidate for The Greens at the 2007 state election.

Sonya McKay

Sonya Mckay is a Wollongong University graduate in Arts (psychology and politics) and in law. Her community activism began in Bankstown due to Bankstown Airport operations impacting on the local community and continued with the realisation of systematic flaws regarding the lack of environmental protection for surrounding residents. Ms McKay subsequently found similar systematic issues regarding other airports including Wollongong Airport.

Her recent efforts currently focus on the distribution of environmental and related consultative issues through the development and utilisation of documentary films at film festivals.

Although Ms McKay has organised numerous public meetings and aided in organising economic conferences at Wollongong University the Environmental Conference 2006 is her first independent conference initiative.

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