Call for Papers

Environmental Conference


June 30 - July 1st, 2006

To be held at University of Wollongong
NSW Australia

Concerns have arisen regarding environmental planning, consultation and transparency issues with local councils in the Illawarra.

Some of the issues of contraversary for the Illawarra include:

development at Sandon Point; and
  • the escarpment; along with the
  • abolition of Neighbourhood Committees;
  • the sale and development of public land at Lot 100 in Oak Flats,
  • the proposed $100 million dollar Marina and $400 harbour precinct in Shellharbour, along with
  • the major transformation of Wollongong Airport.

Such concerns need to be detailed and discussed in order to find solutions.

This is an initial call for papers beginning with an abstract not exceeding 250 words from selected community groups and members of the public which will be due by 14 May 2006. People submitting abstracts will then undertake a 20 minute presentation at the conference proceeding the submission of their paper which will be due 14 June 2006.

Deadline for submission of abstracts 14 May 2006
Announcement of Acceptance 25 May 2006
Deadline for submission of complete papers 14 June 2006
Conference 30 June-1st July 2006

Since such concerns and issues of contraversary also exist outside the Illawarra abstracts and papers from groups and members of the public with similiar contraversial issues before them from different regions are also welcome.

Every attempt will be made to keep costs to a minimum regarding morning and afternoon tea, lunch, as well as a copy of the proceedings for participants.

This can be obtained from contacting Sonya McKay:
Mobile: 0407910029 Email:



Environmental Planning, Consultation and Transparency are integral topics regarding contraversial issues in the Illawarra and beyond.

Such topics can include a lack of:

  • stringent environmental assessments for major projects,
  • genuine notification and involvement for those who will be affected by proposals, along with
  • genuine provision of information and eventual real understanding as to the decision making process.

An example relates to the fact that although Wollongong Airport has been advertised as undertaking a major transformation council have consistently avoided environmental impact statements (EIS) along with genuine notification procedures even for those who reside in the unacceptable noise zone.

Although EIS procedures and a Commission of inquiry occurred for the proposed Marina located in Shellharbour its relevant council recently amended the proposal leading to community members to content that the changes are so significantly different to the original design that there is a necessity to undertake a new application and environmental assessment procedures.

In many cases the state government is involved in such issues as the eventual decision making body. Many community members have also submitted requests for investigations into contraversial issues with state government Minsters and departments as well as the independent commission against corruption (ICAC) in the hope that matters of concern will be solved.

Federal governments also play a part regarding such issues either as a financial support or a regulator. Wollongong Airport is a prime example.

In many cases, such as Sandon Point, the issues are so complex that time and understanding are needed prior to discussing problems.

The aim of the conference is to bring together people from a diversity of areas and issues of concern in order to discuss facts, analyse problems, and offer possible solutions.

Futher information regarding issues within the community can be found at The issues and links page will be added to during the next week.


Further conference information:

Sonya McKay
Conference Convenor

P.O. Box 310, Albion Park, NSW 2527

Mo: 0407910029


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